Five Ways to Expand Your Referral Network

Buying or selling a home is one of the largest transactions in a person’s lifetime and many people are naturally anxious and uncomfortable with the process. While the internet has become the go-to resource to find products and services these days, something as high stakes as a real estate purchase is an area most people still want a personal recommendation for legal services in order to help quell their nerves.

Fortunately, satisfied clients are often more than happy to refer friends or family members to the legal professionals they worked with. While this is the most common source of referrals for many practices, relying on your clients to take the initiative is an inconsistent source of revenue at best. In order to maintain a steady stream of new customers and keep growing, law offices need to proactively pursue and cultivate referrals from a variety of sources.
Debra Andrews, an experienced strategist and founder of a full-service marketing consultancy, has some suggestions for how you can expand your referral network. She outlines five different routes you can take to solicit new referrals to grow your practice’s business and bottom line.