We are committed to helping you make a smooth transition to Unity with extensive support, training resources, and quick start guides.

When will your practice move to UNITY?

Users of The Conveyancer began the transition to Unity starting in early 2019. We are taking care to schedule transition dates to ensure there is minimal impact on your business during your move. Your office will be notified about your Unity transition date three months before your move. During those three months, we will work with you to ensure your firm is prepared to move to Unity.

Please note: We are not able to provide transition dates any earlier than scheduled.

How does the transition work?

Three months prior to your office having access to Unity, you will start receiving communications from DoProcess. This includes a link to a personalized webpage that will assist you in completing the steps required to move to Unity.

The day you start your transition is called your “Unity Go Live date”. From this date, you will begin a four-week transition period during which you start to use Unity and become familiar with its operation. During this transition period, you can open transactions in both The Conveyancer and Unity. After the four-week transition period ends, all new transactions will need to be opened in Unity. The Conveyancer can be used to complete existing transactions in progress that were started before the end of the transition period, but no new transactions can be
opened after this time.

Note: Matters created in The Conveyancer will not be moved to Unity. You can continue to access The Conveyancer to complete transactions in progress or to refer back to old transaction information.

To help you make a smooth transition to Unity, much of your existing data is moved automatically from The Conveyancer to Unity.

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Make sure your system meets minimum requirements

Unity is a modern, cloud-based platform that relies a lot more on your internet connection than The Conveyancer did. To get the most out of Unity, you will need to have an up-to-date internet connection with at least 4Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload.

You also might need to update your computer systems to get the most out of Unity. Not updating your workstations and settings may result in some users not being able to use Unity effectively.

Unity minimum system requirements:

  • Web Browsers - Internet Explorer 11+, Chrome 63+, Edge 79+
  • Screen Resolution - 1280 x 768
  • Internet Download Speed - 4Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload or higher
  • Operating System - Windows 10+
  • Microsoft Word 2010 or higher or WordPerfect X8, X9, and 2020
  • Acrobat Reader DC

Note: As of January 2020, Microsoft only officially supports Windows 10. This means if you remain on Windows 7 after this date, critical security vulnerabilities in your operating system could exist. It is highly recommended that you consider upgrading to Windows 10. Although DoProcess will not prohibit Windows 7 customers from accessing Unity after this date, we will only officially support Unity on Windows 10 starting January 2020.