is the secure, timesaving, use-it-from-anywhere connection between Unity law offices, clients, other legal professionals and stakeholders.

The details that go into a matter are intricate and take a lot of time.

Constant emails and phone calls; collecting and organizing documents; rechecking to make sure everything’s perfect; keeping everyone in the loop; worrying about everything being secure (it often isn’t).

It doesn’t need to be this way!

UnityC lets you serve your customers better while collaborating with other legal professionals and stakeholders securely – in the cloud.

UnityC saves everyone a lot of time.

Client Intake Portal

Simplify every step of client intake with automated communications and online document completion.

Secure Document Sharing

Share documents with your clients and seamlessly collaborate with other professionals involved in completing matters.

Realtime Status Dashboard

Capture and review important documents in realtime across all your clients in your dashboard. UnityC’s cloud-based document management system replaces email exchanges, phone calls and searching for attachments.

Referral Engine

Grow your business using UnityC’s built-in referral engine. It’s never been easier for stakeholders to refer clients to you. Complete, ready-to-action referral info shows up in your UnityC dashboard and can quickly be made into active matters.

Why use UnityC

  • Automates the client in-take and communication process by generating client contact emails and tracking progress to completion.
  • See it all in one place: The UnityC dashboard lets you see all your client communications, documents and progress on one screen.
  • Control the chaos: In-progress and completed documents are organized by status and are available to use right inside Unity.
  • Do it all online: No more phone calls and time-consuming email exchanges. Communication, collaboration and document management is done completely online.
  • Peace of mind: Bank-grade access protocols, proprietary high-security cloud servers and realtime scans of uploaded documents are just a few of the measures we take to keep you and your clients safe. Safe and secure.
  • Reduces data entry errors: Clients enter their own information, and your firm verifies everything is correct and adds it to a matter– all online.


You don’t need to be part of the Unity universe to benefit from UnityC. Here are just a few examples: with a simple sign-up, clients can provide their in-take information and upload their documents. Documents can be easily sent to other lawyers. Real estate agents and other stakeholders can easily submit referrals and everything stays organized for easy recall.

Connecting, Collaborating and Community are the foundation of UnityC


UnityC automates much of the client in-take and related communication and secure document sharing process.


UnityC enables law firms, their clients and other stakeholders in the Canadian legal ecosystem to collaborate in the cloud, securely.


UnityC is for everyone. Whether you are a lawyer using Unity, a real estate agent, mortgage broker or home buyer – everyone can benefit from UnityC.

Email isn’t always secure. UnityC is.

Unity was built from the ground up with a focus on security, and UnityC inherited that thinking. Bank-grade access protocols, high-security cloud hosting infrastructure and encrypted data transmission keep everything safe and secure – at every step.