Continuously updated Global Databases help you speed through your day

POWERED BY 15,000 LEGAL MINDS and growing

Unity harnesses the power of community. Just like Wikipedia relies on 100,000 active contributors to add new knowledge daily, Unity harnesses the power of the more than 15,000 legal professionals who use DoProcess solutions to keep its global databases up to date.

Crowdsourcing data in this way creates huge efficiency gains. It reduces or eliminates the time needed to make updates as it’s likely another user has already added or made the change. It also continually improves the quality of the Unity global databases. Every time you update a record, you are not only improving your firm’s databases but you are also supporting the growth of global databases for the entire community of legal professionals who use Unity. This way, records are updated and current when you need them.

Your client or realtor databases are never shared with other Unity users. They are kept entirely private and are only accessible by your office.

How does crowdsourced data in Unity work?

When you add a new record or update an existing record, Unity passes the information on to be validated by the DoProcess team. Once validated, the information is added to Unity global databases for the benefit of all Unity users.

1. DoProcess is notified when a new record is added or a change is made to any of the following contact databases:
• Mortgagees
• Mortgage brokers
• Condo management companies
• Insurance brokers
• Jurisdictions
• Real estate brokers
• Surveyors
• Law firms/Solicitors

2. Once we receive the notification, we review the change and validate the information using multiple sources.
DoProcess may accept or reject an addition or change based on this review to ensure the quality and consistency of the databases.

3. After DoProcess has finished validating the information, the user who added or changed a record will be notified of the result through the Messages feature in Unity.
• When accepted, the change/addition will now be visible to all Unity users.
• If rejected, the user who made the change/addition can continue to use the record within their own firm. However, the change/addition will not be visible to all Unity users.